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BUS 202

Customer Retention: The Key to Business Performance BUS 203 An Appraisal of Taxation as a Viable Tool for Economic Development in Nigeria BUS 204 Export-Led Growth in Public Sector Dominated Economy: A Macroeconomic Model of Nigeria
BUS 205 The Role of Manufacturing Sector in The Development of The Nigerian Economy BUS 206 Liberalization Policy and Technological Capacity in the Informal Sector BUS 207

Role of Monetary Policy in Controlling Inflation in Nigeria (1980-2016)

BUS 208  Operating Risk Among Nigeria Firms (A Case Study of Wema Plc) BUS 209 Effect of Economic Depression on the growth of Small-Scale Industries in Nigeria BUS 210 Price Liberalization, Money Growth, and Inflation During the Transition to a Market Economy: The Nigerian Case
BUS 211 Scope, Structure and Policy Implications of The Informal Financial Market in Nigeria  BUS 212 Financial Deepening, Growth and Stock Market Development in Nigeria BUS 213 Macroeconomic Determinants of Private Savings in Nigeria
BUS 214 Labour Union and Industrial Conflict in The Private Sector (Case Study of United Bank for Africa Plc) BUS 215  Research and Development, Innovation and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Nigeria BUS 216 Financial Integration, Growth and Volatility: The Nigerian Case
BUS 217  Role of Strategic Decision Making Process in an Organisation (A Case Study of Cocola Company) BUS 218 Impact of Terrorism on Financial Markets BUS 219 Sources of Industrial Growth in Nigeria: A Factor Decomposition Approach 
BUS 220 Fiscal Policy and Taxation in Nigeria BUS 221  Mortgage Financing in Nigeria: Issues and Chanllenges BUS 222 Business Environment, Legal Institutions and Economic Performance in Nigeria
BUS 223  Examination of The Level of Concentration in Nigerian Telecommunication Industry BUS 224 The Impact of Regulatory Sanctions on Banks for Non-Compliance with Foreign Exchange Guidelines (A Case Study of Ten Banks) BUS 225 Fiscal Operations, Money Supply and Inflation in Nigeria
BUS 226 Corporate Merger and Acquisition as a Panacea to Corporate Distress (Case Study of GlaxoSmithKline BUS 227  Investment Decisions and the Effects of Interest Rate and Exchange Rate Liberalization in Nigeria BUS 228 Effect of Economic Depression on the growth of Small-Scale Industries in Nigeria
BUS 229 Government Expenditure and Economic Growth in Nigeria BUS 230 Research and Development, Innovation and Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Nigeria BUS 231 Determinants of Capital Structure and Its Effect on Firms' Performance (Case Study of Selected Nigerian Companies)
BUS 232 The Impact of Public Policy on The Banking system in Nigeria BUS 233 Financial Fragility and Economic Performance in Developing Economies: A Case Study of Nigeria BUS 234  Foreign Assistance and Agricultural Output in Nigeria
BUS 235 Government Debt: A Key Role in Financial Intermediation BUS 236 Macroeconomic Effect of Foreign Aid: The Case of Nigeria BUS 237 The Globalisation of Nigerian Financial Market
BUS 238 Impact of Globalisation on Manufacturing Sector of Nigeria BUS 239  The Issue of Capacity Building and Utilization in Nigeria BUS 240 The Role of Institutional Investor in The Evolution of Financial Structure and Behaviour in Nigeria
BUS 241 The Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth of Nigeria BUS 242 The Role of Information System in Customer Satisfaction in The Banking Sector (Case Study of First Bank Plc.) BUS 243 The Size and Sustainability of Nigeria Current Account Deficit
BUS 244 Effect of Strategic Leadership on Corporate Performance and Profitability BUS 245 The Role of Economic and Social Infrastructure in Economic Development of Nigeria BUS 246 Economic Reform Programme and Private Sector Development in Nigeria
BUS 247 Effect of Product Innovation on Bank Performance in Nigeria BUS 248 Price level Dynamics and Commercial Banking in Nigeria BUS 249  Increase in Prices of Petroleum Products in Nigeria Recounting the Costs and Benefits
BUS 250 Information Technology and Economic Development: Challenges for Nigeria BUS 251 The Cost of Electricity Outages in Nigeria BUS 252 Causes and Effects of Brain Drain in Nigeria
BUS 253 Market Failure, State Failure and Air Pollution in Nigeria: A Theoretical Investigation BUS 254 Economic Policy and Manufacturing Sector Growth Performance in Nigeria BUS 255 The Nigerian Services Sector and Economic Growth
BUS 256 Energy Use and Productivity Performance in the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector BUS 257 Nature and Impact of Electronic Money in Nigeria BUS 258 The Practice and Standard of Corporate Governance in Nigeria
BUS 259 The Effects of Economic Instability on Aggregate Investment in Nigeria BUS 260 Effect of Bank Deregulation on Economic Growth and Development of Nigeria BUS 261 Trade Shock, Oil Boom and the Nigerian Economy
BUS 262 The Effects of Merger and Acquisition in Bank Recapitalisation in Nigeria (Case Study of UBA) BUS 263 Role of Database Management System in Achieving Organisational Success (A Case Study of Guaranty Trust Bank) BUS 264 Trade, Investment and Growth in Nigeria
BUS 265 International Payments System in ECOWAS, The Case of Nigeria BUS 266 Corporate planning and
Budgetary control strategies in Manufacturing
Industries in Nigeria.
BUS 267 Deficit
Financing, growth and development in Nigeria
BUS 268 Impact of Labour Unrest on Organisational Performance (A Case Study of Vita Form Plc) BUS 269 Effect of Petroleum Profit Tax on The Nigerian Economy BUS 270 Employment Prospects of Informal Sector Vocational Trainees in Southwestern Nigeria: The Case of Auto-Technicians
BUS 271 Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Employment in Nigerian Banks BUS 272 Informal Small Enterprises Clusters: A Case Study of Auto-mechanic Village in Ibadan BUS 273 Market Liberalization and its Effects on Nigerian Agriculture
BUS 274 Differential Impacts of Export Expansion on Economic Growth in Nigeria BUS 275 Micro Credit Financing in Nigeria BUS 276 Effect of Training and Motivation on Workers' Performance in the Banking Industry (Case Study of GTB Bank)
BUS 277 Globalisation, Its Implications and Consequences for Nigeria BUS 278 Elements of Group Behaviour and Organisational Performance: A Comparative Analysis BUS 279 The Role of the Finance Industry in the
Diversification of Nigeria's Foreign Exchange Earnings
BUS 280 Industrialisation and Employment Generation in Nigeria BUS 281 Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Growth and Development of Nigeria (1971 - 2009) BUS 282 The Challenges of Nigeria's Indigenization
BUS 283 The Role of Non-agricultural Small-scale Enterprises in Rural Development in Nigeria: Problems, Prospects and Strategies BUS 284 Effect of Economic And Financial Crime on Nigerian Economy BUS 285 Differential Impacts of Export Expansion on Economic Growth in Nigeria
BUS 286 An Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility of Nigerian Industries (A Case Study of Cadbury Nigeria Plc) BUS 287 The Role of Staffing Functions in private organisations BUS 288 Impact of Trade Disputes on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1970 - 2005)
BUS 289 The Impact of SMEs on Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria BUS 290 Impact of Electronic Transactions on Organisational Performance BUS 291 The Economic Implications of Bank Fraud in Nigerian Banking System
BUS 292 Impact of Trade Liberalisation on the Survival of Small Scale Industries in Nigeria BUS 293 The Role and Impact of Securities and Exchange Commission on Nigerian Capital Market BUS 294 Role of Small-Scale Enterprises in Employment Generation in Nigeria
BUS 295 Bank Lending and Performance of Nigerian Economy (1980 - 2006) BUS 296 An Assessment of Bank Recapitalisation in terms of Shareholders' Wealth BUS 297 Impact of High Oil Prices on Nigerian Economy
BUS 298 The Menance of Bank Corporate Prostitution in Post-consolidation era in Nigerian Banking Industry BUS 299 Effect of Geographical Diversification on Bank's Performance (A Case Study of UBA) BUS 300 Challenges of Labour Turnover in the Banking Industry (Case Study of Wema Bank Plc)

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