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ECN 302 Impact of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Volume of Imports to Nigeria (1981 - 2010) ECN 303 Credit Risk Management in Commercial Banks (A Case Study of Guaranty Trust Bank) ECN 304 Corporate planning and
Budgetary control strategies in Manufacturing
Industries in Nigeria
ECN 305 Information Management System: its
Role on the productivity of an organisation
ECN 306 Determinants of Interest Rate in Nigeria
ECN 307 The Role of Staffing Functions in private organisations
ECN 308 An Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility of Nigerian Industries (A Case Study of Cadbury Nigeria Plc) ECN 309 The Impact of Lease Financing on Corporate Performance ECN 310 Economic Growth and Institutions in Nigeria
ECN 311 Community Banking System in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges ECN 312 Effect of Economic And Financial Crime on Nigerian Economy ECN 313 Credit Administration in Nigerian Banks (Case study of Skye Bank)
ECN 314 Factors Responsible for Poor Economic Growth Performance of Nigeria in the 1980s and 1990s ECN 315 Differential Impacts of Export Expansion on Economic Growth in Nigeria ECN 316 Fertility-Infant Mortality Inter-relationships and the Quality of Life in Nigeria: An Empirical Study
ECN 317 The Role of Non-agricultural Small-scale Enterprises in Rural Development in Nigeria: Problems, Prospects and Strategies ECN 318 Causalities between Financial Aggregates and Economic Activities in Nigeria ECN 319 An Econometric Investigation of Monetary Neutrality in Nigeria
ECN 320 Causalities between Financial and Real Sector Variables in Nigeria ECN 321 Bank Size and Portfolio Behaviour: Cross-sectional Estimates for Nigerian Commercial Banks ECN 322 Financial Policy and Efficiency of Resource Utilization in Nigeria: Growth and Change
ECN 323 An Analysis of the Allocation of Health Programme Resources in Nigeria 1986-2003 ECN 324 The Challenges of Nigeria's Indigenization ECN 325 Manufacturing and Direct Public Policy in South-Western Nigeria
ECN 326 Optimal Electricity Pricing under PHCN'S Commercialization ECN 327 Health Care Services Utilization in Nigerian Rural Communities ECN 328 Bank Liquidity, Exchange Rates and Monetary Policy in Nigeria
ECN 329 Rural Energy Consumption Patterns and Deforestation in Nigeria ECN 330 Market Liberalization and its Effects on Nigerian Agriculture ECN 331 Liberalization Policies and the Changing Structures of Legitimacy in Nigeria
ECN 332 The Impact of Price Reform on the Health and Productivity of Rural Women in Southern Nigeria ECN 333 The Impact of Liberalization Policies on the Building Construction Industry in Nigeria ECN 334 Urban Water Supply and Demand in Nigeria in an Era of Economic Liberalization
ECN 335 Exchange Liberalization: Implications for Macroeconomic Performance in Nigeria ECN 336 Liberalization and Structural Changes in Production for Self-Reliance in Nigeria ECN 337 Structural Adjustment and Access to Essential Social Services: A Case Study of Health Care Services in Lagos State
ECN 338 Informal Small Enterprises Clusters: A Case Study of Auto-mechanic Village in Ibadan ECN 339 Information Technology in the Finance Sector: Adoption of Computer in Banks ECN 340 Improved Technologies and the Performance of NITEL
ECN 341 Impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Employment in Nigerian Banks ECN 342 Liberalization Policies and Technological Capability in the Informal Sector ECN 343 Financial Deepening and Stock Market Development in Nigeria
ECN 344 Employment Prospects of Informal Sector Vocational Trainees in Southwestern Nigeria: The Case of Auto-Technicians ECN 345 Agricultural Finance Issues in Nigeria ECN 346 The Structure and Sources of Health Care Expenditure in Nigeria
ECN 347 Demographic and Economic Characteristics of Rural Household in Nigeria ECN 348 Impact of Labour Unrest on Organisational Performance (A Case Study of Vita Form Plc) ECN 349 Effect of Petroleum Profit Tax on The Nigerian Economy
ECN 350 Role of Public Relations in Nigerian Banking System ECN 351 Role of Financial Liberalisation on Economic Growth in Nigeria ECN 352 Role of Commercial Banks in Economic Growth and Development of Nigeria (1971 - 2009)
ECN 353 Effect of Money Supply on Interest rate Fluctuation and Inflation in Nigeria ECN 354 Taxation of Financial Assets and Capital Market Development in Nigeria ECN 355 Industrialisation and Employment Generation in Nigeria
ECN 356 The Structure and Performance of the Nigerian Banking System (1986-2004) ECN 357 Implications of the Companies and Allied Matters Decree 1990 for Banks Performance and the Responsibilities of Their Directors ECN 358 The Role of the Finance Industry in the
Diversification of Nigeria's Foreign Exchange Earnings
ECN 359 Public Financial Enterprises in Nigeria: The Case of the Nigerian
Industrial Development Bank (NIDB)
ECN 360 Women Education and the Use of Bank Credit in Nigeria: Challenges
for the Twenty-First Century
ECN 361 The Performance, Scope, and Problems of Commercial Banks in Nigeria as a
Source of Financing Indigenous Businesses
ECN 362 Role of the Central Bank of Nigeria in Funding Agricultural Development ECN 363 Branch Banking under the Rural Banking Programme ECN 364 Banking Industry in the 1990s: Challenges and Prospects
ECN 365 Nature of Securities for Advances: How It Operates in the Union Bank ECN 366 Bank Management: Problems and Challenges in Nigeria ECN 367 Assessment of Bank Performance: A Customer's Viewpoint
ECN 368 Banking and Other Financial Malpractices in Nigeria ECN 369 Managing Grassroots Resources and Facilities for National
Development in a Depressed Economy
ECN 370 Interest Rates, Bank Deposits, and Growth of the Nigerian Economy
ECN 371 Challenges of Credit Squeeze: Impact on Monetary System and Industries ECN 372 Domestic Credit Expansion and the Balance of Payments Problems:
ECN 373 Mobilization of Personal Savings through Indigenous Savings and Credit Associations: Case Studies from Nigeria
ECN 374 Risk and Insurance in a Rural Credit Market: An Empirical Investigation
in Northern Nigeria
ECN 375 Appraisal of Foreign Exchange Management in Nigeria since the
Introduction of the Structural Adjustment Programme
ECN 376 Effect of the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) on Consumer
Buying Behaviour in Nigeria
ECN 377 Unemployment and Inflation under Structural Adjustment: The Nigerian
ECN 378 Impact of the Structural Adjustment Programme on Industrial Capacity
Utilization in Nigeria
ECN 379 The Central Bank of Nigeria and the Problem of Domestic Money Stability
ECN 380 The Menance of Human Trafficking in Nigeria: Socio-Economic Context ECN 381 The Effects of Exchange Rate Policy on Nigeria's Agricultural Competitiveness ECN 382 Monetary Dimension of the Nigerian Economic Crisis: Empirical Evidence
ECN 383 Real Deposit Rates and Financial Mobilization in Nigeria: An Empirical Test ECN 384 Investment Decisions and the Effects of Interest Rate Liberalization in Nigeria ECN 385 Misalignment between Reforms in Exchange Rate and Credit Management Strategies in Nigeria's Structural Adjustment Programme
ECN 386 Market Liberalization and its Effects on Nigerian Agriculture
ECN 387 Exchange Rate and Trade Liberalization Policies and the Promotion of Manufactured Exports in Nigeria ECN 388 Informal Microfinancing Arrangement in Nigeria
ECN 389 Exchange Rate and Trade Liberalization and Non-Oil Exports in Nigeria: An Empirical Investigation
ECN 390 Globalisation, Its Implications and Consequences for Nigeria ECN 391 The Politics of Marginalisation in Nigeria
ECN 392 Health Development Challenges in Nigeria ECN 393 Impact of Health on Economic Growth in Nigeria ECN 394 Recapitalisation of Nigerian Insurance Industry
ECN 395 Developing Innovation Culture: Implications from Research ECN 396 Evolution of Skill Wage Differential in Developing Countries: Nigeria Experience ECN 397 Revenue Allocation and Inefficient State Creation in Nigeria
ECN 398 Impact of Effective Internal Control System on the Prevention of Commercial Bank Fraud (Case Study of GTB Bank) ECN 399 Capital Base and Bank Performance in Nigeria 1996 -2010 (Case Study of First Bank, UBA, GT Bank and Zenith Bank) ECN 400 Effect of Training and Motivation on Workers' Performance in the Banking Industry (Case Study of GTB Bank)

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