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ECN 502 Impact of Trade Disputes on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1970 - 2005) ECN 503 Evaluation of The Effects of Corruption on Nigerian Economy ECN 504 Challenges of Road Transportation in Nigeria
ECN 505 The Impact of SMEs on Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria ECN 506 Impact of Electronic Transactions on Organisational Performance ECN 507 An Appraisal of The Effect of Government Subsidy on Petroleum Products Prices in Nigeria
ECN 508 An Econometric Study of Public Debt and Inflation in Nigeria (1980 - 2008) ECN 509 Impact of Trade Liberalisation on the Survival of Small Scale Industries in Nigeria ECN 510 Risk Analysis in Capital Investment
ECN 511 The Role and Impact of Securities and Exchange Commission on Nigerian Capital Market ECN 512 Role of Small-Scale Enterprises in Employment Generation in Nigeria ECN 513 Impact of Bank Lending on the Performance of Nigerian Economy (1980 - 2009)
ECN 514 Banking Reforms in Emerging Markets: Regulatory Challenges in Nigeria ECN 515 An Assessment of Bank Recapitalisation in terms of Shareholders' Wealth ECN 516 An Empirical Evaluation of Trade Potential in the Economic Community of West Africa States
ECN 517 Impact of Government Expenditure on Private Consumption in Nigeria ECN 518 Islamic Banking in Nigeria: A Study of The Attitudinal Differences of Nigerian Customers ECN 519 An Assessment of the Effectiveness of Credit Recovery Policies of Commercial Banks in Nigeria (Case Study of Zenith Bank
ECN 520 An Empirical Investigation of the Relationship Between Energy Consumption and Economic Performance in Nigeria ECN 521 Analysis of Public Expenditure on Agriculture and Economic Growth in Nigeria ECN 522 Diversifying Nigerian Revenue Base Through Taxation
ECN 523 A Study of the Attitude of SME Owners to Microfinance in Nigeria ECN 524 The Impact of Tax Incentives on the Growth of Manufacturing Industry In Nigeria ECN 525 The Effects of Audit Practice on Fraud Prevention in Banking Sector (Case Study of Afribank Plc)
ECN 526 Dividend Policy as a Major Determinant of Share Price Fluctuation in The Stock Exchange (A Case Study of some selected Banks in Nigeria) ECN 527 The Economic Implications of Bank Fraud in Nigerian Banking System ECN 528 Impact of Liberalization of The Telecommunication Sector on The Nigerian Economy
ECN 529 Banking Sector Reform and Credit Mobilization in Nigeria ECN 530 Impact of Inflation on Stock Investors Portfolio Management in Nigeria ECN 531 Electronic Banking Fraud in Nigeria: Trend, Prevalence and Prevention
ECN 532 Quality and Internal Control Challenges in Nigerian Manufacturing Sector ECN 533 The Impact of Interest Rate Deregulation on Savings Mobilisation in Nigeria (1980 - 2008) ECN 534 The Role of Banks in Agricultural Development in Nigeria
ECN 535

Comparison of the Financial Performance of Nigerian Banks

ECN 536 Causes and Effects of Industrial Conflict in Nigeria ECN 537 The Effect of Human Resource Management on the Growth and Development of Banking Institutions in Nigeria
ECN 538 The Effect of Globalisation on Financial Development in Nigeria ECN 539 Adoption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Service Delivery in the Public Sector (Case Study of CAC) ECN 540 Revenue Allocation as a Catalyst for Economic Development
ECN 541 Effect of HIV/AIDs on Economic Growth of Nigeria ECN 542 Impact of Non-oil Export on the Balance of Payment Position of Nigeria (1980 - 2009) ECN 543 Oil Price Shock and Nigeria's Economic Performance (1980 - 2009)
ECN 544 Evaluating the Effectiveness of The Nigerian Capital Market Using the Asset Pricing Model ECN 545 An Appraisal of Bank Reform in Nigeria ECN 546 Impact of Liquidity on Profitability of Nigerian Banks
ECN 547 An Economic Study of Public Debt and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1980 - 2008) ECN 548 Impact of Product Diversification on Organisational Performance (Case Study of Coca-Cola) ECN 549 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1970 - 2008)
ECN 550 Financial Deepening and Economic Growth in Nigeria (1970 - 2008) ECN 551 Effects of Merger and Acquisition on Corporate Value ECN 552 Corporate Merger and Acquisition as a Panacea to Corporate Distress (Case Study of GlaxoSmithKline)
ECN 553 Effects of Bank Failure on Nigerian Banking Sector ECN 554 Evaluation of the Operation of Discount Houses on the Money Market ECN 555 Impact of Innovation on Customers' Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty in Nigerian Telecommunications Industry
ECN 556 An Empirical Study of Automated Teller Machine Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction in Nigerian Banking Sector ECN 557

Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Inflation in Nigeria

ECN 558 Impact of Deficit Financing on Economic Growth of Nigeria
ECN 559 Effect of Fiscal Policy on Economic Growth of Nigeria ECN 560 Effect of Oil Shock on Budget Performance and Economic Growth of Nigeria (1980 - 2009) ECN 561 Effect of Personal Income on the Standard of Living of Nigerians
ECN 562 The Impact of Corruption on the Human Rights based approach to Development in Nigeria ECN 563 The Effects of The Global Economic Meltdown On The Nigerian Economy ECN 564 Customer Care Relations and Retention Strategies in the Nigerian Banking Sector (Case Study Of Zenith Bank)
ECN 565 The Impact of Dividend and Corporate Earnings on Stock Prices ECN 566 An Assessment of Microfinance Institutions' outreach and sustainability in Nigeria ECN 567 Role of Financial Markets in the Economic Growth of Nigeria (1980 - 2009)
ECN 568 Impact of Bank Consolidation on the Nigerian Financial Market Stability ECN 569 The Effects of Corruption on Infrastructural Development in Nigeria ECN 570 Impact of e-Banking on Commercial Banks in Nigeria
ECN 571 A Comparative Analysis of Internet Fraud in the UK and Nigeria ECN 572 The Impacts of Tax Incentives on Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria ECN 573 Impact of Financial Sector Development on the Real Sector Performance In Nigeria (1970-2009): An Econometric Approach
ECN 574 Governance and Internal Control in The Nigerian Banking Sector ECN 575 A Comparative Analysis of Oil Exports and Non- Oil Exports contribution to Nigeria's Economic Growth (1970 - 2009) ECN 576 Effect of Monetary Policy on the Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria (1970 - 2009)
ECN 577 Effectiveness of Indirect Tax as a Tool for Control of Distribution and Consumption of Imported Products in Nigeria ECN 578 Business Risk: A Comparative Analysis of Loans and Advances of Nigerian Commercial Banks (2000 - 2009) ECN 579 The Impact of Interest Rate Deregulation on Savings Mobilization in Nigeria (1986 - 2009)
ECN 580 Role of Corporate Governance in Curbing Bank Distress in Nigerian Banking Sector ECN 581 Impact of Exchange Rate Movement on Domestic Price Level in Nigeria (1970 - 2009) ECN 582 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of IT Outsourcing in Nigeria
ECN 583 Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Alleviation and Employment ECN 584 Determinants of Foreign Direct Investments in Nigeria (1970 - 2009) ECN 585 Role of Development Finance Institutions in Agricultural Development in Nigeria
ECN 586 Impact of Urbanization and Unemployment on the Economic Development of Nigeria ECN 587 Impact of Commercial Bank Loans and Advances on Economic Growth of Nigeria (1980 - 2009) ECN 588 Interest Rate Volatility and the Growth Potential of Small Scale Enterprises in Nigeria (1980 - 2009)
ECN 589 Effect of Merger and Acquisition on Banks' Financial Performance in Nigeria (Case Study of UBA) ECN 590 Assessment of The Role of Commercial Banks in the Development of Agricultural Sector in Nigeria (1980 - 2009) ECN 591 Impact of Interest Rate on Manufacturing Productivity in Nigeria (1980 - 2009)
ECN 592 The Role of the Non-Oil Sector in The Nigerian Economy (1986 - 2009) ECN 593 Inflationary Trend in Nigeria and Its Effects On The Nigerian Stock Exchange (1980 - 2009) ECN 594 Role of Information Technology in Manpower Development in the Industrial Sector
ECN 595 Problems confronting Banks in Financing Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Nigeria ECN 596 Analysis of the growth and development of the Industrial Sector in Nigeria (1970 - 2009) ECN 597 Federal Government Education Investment and Economic Growth In Nigeria (1970 - 2009)
ECN 598 Oil Price Instability and Manufacturing Sector Performance in Nigeria (1980 - 2009) ECN 599 The Impact of Privatization on Nigerian Stock Market (1986 - 2009) ECN 600 Evaluation of Access to Health Care in Rural Nigeria (Case Study of Yegunda Community in Epe, Lagos State)

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