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SOC 111

Job Stress in the Banking Industry (A case study of Zenith Bank) SOC 112 Early Child-Bearing in Nigeria: Continuing Challenge SOC 113 Women Cooperatives and Power Redistribution in Rural Nigeria: A Case Study of Epe, Lagos State
SOC 114 Tourism Development in Nigeria: The Case of Ogun State SOC 115 Physical and Socio-economic Impact of Street Trading: Case Study of Lagos SOC 116 Provision and Spatial Distribution of Health and Security Facilities in Nigeria
SOC 117 Alcoholism Among Nigerian Men: Prevalence and Effects SOC 118 Enabling Strategy and Sustainable Urban Housing in Nigeria: Focus on Lagos City SOC 119 Declining Fortunes of Rail Transport in Nigeria: Response and Direction of Policy
SOC 120 The Impact of Stress Factors on College Students Academic Performance (Case Study of Yaba College of Technology SOC 121 The Nature and Determinants of Rural Loan Repayment Performance in Nigeria: The Case of FADU's Micro-Credit Programme SOC 122 The Menance of Human Trafficking in Nigeria: Socio-Economic Context
SOC 123 Social – Economic Empowerment and Labour – Management Conflict. A Case Study of Guaranty Trust Bank of Nigeria (GTB) SOC 124 The Politics of Marginalisation in Nigeria SOC 125 Precedence of Work Satisfaction Over Family Life: Cultural Evidence
SOC 126 Subordination of Women by Culture: Constraints of Rural Yoruba Women in Nigeria SOC 127 Socio-Economic Correlates of Exclusive Breasfeeding Among Women in Alimosho SOC 128 Motivation: A Management responsibility and a catalyst for enhanced productivity
SOC 129 Socio-Economic Status of Unemployed Nigerian Youth (Case Study of Surulere Local Government Area SOC 130 Urban Water Supply and Demand in Nigeria in an Era of Economic Liberalisation SOC 131 Privatisation Policy in Nigeria: An Overview
SOC 132 Promotion of Small-Scale Enterprises and their Contribution to Economic Growth of Nigeria SOC 133 The Impact of Parents' and Spouses'
Education on Divorce Rates in Nigeria
SOC 134 The Effect of Drug Trafficking on Nigerian Economy
SOC 135 The Gendered Nature of AIDS Epidemics in Nigeria SOC 136 Nigerians willingness to Pay for Fuel: Testing the Rationality of Consumers SOC 137 Women and Leadership in Nigeria: Socio-Political Perspective
SOC 138 The Engagement and Impact of Relational Maintenance Behaviours in Nigerian Dual-Career Couples SOC 139 Sexual Abuse and Violence in Nigeria SOC 140 Socio-Cultural Perception of Child Gender in Nigeria
SOC 141 Knowledge and Practices of smoking among students of the University of Lagos SOC 142 The Emergence of Night Markets in Nigeria’s Metropolitan Areas: The Case of Lagos Metropolis SOC 143

The Implication of Urbanisation on The Standard of Living on The Urban Population (A Case Study of Ajegunle in Lagos)

SOC 144 Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting the Education of Women in Northern Nigeria SOC 145 Health Development Challenges in Nigeria SOC 146 The Menance of Area Boys in Lagos State
SOC 147 Stress and stress related health problems among undergraduates at the University of Lagos SOC 148 Pre-Marital Sex and School Drop-out Among Nigeria Youths SOC 149

The Impact of Environmental Sanitation Policy in Nigeria (Case Study of F.C.T. Abuja

SOC 150 The Impact of Rural Roads on Employment, Productivity and Rural Welfare: A Study of Three Villages in Ogun State Nigeria: Towards an Optimal Macroeconomic Management of Public Fund SOC 152 The Problem of Small and Light Weapons control in Nigeria
SOC 153 The Impact of Population on Economic Growth of Nigeria SOC 154 The Efficiency of Education Expenditure in Nigeria  SOC 155 Suicide Killing and Prevention in Nigeria
SOC 156 Socio-Cultural Correlation of Wife Abuse in Nigeria SOC 157 Homosexuality Among Undergraduate Students in Nigeria: Determinants and Prevalence SOC 158 Socio-Cultural Correlation of Child Abuse in Nigeria
SOC 159 The State, Accumulation and Violence: The Politics of Environmental Security in Nigeria's Oil Producing Areas SOC 160  Crime Trends and Prevention Strategies in Nigeria SOC 161 Religion and Reproductive Health Behaviour A Kap Study of Youths in Surulere Local Government Area
SOC 162 Insecurity and Political Instability in Nigeria SOC 163 The Menance of Corruption in Nigeria  SOC 164 Child Health Care and Infant Mortality in Nigeria
SOC 165  The Socio-Economic Impact of AIDS in Nigeria SOC 166 The Political Economy of Redistributive Social Security: The Case of Nigeria  SOC 167  Rising Cost of Food Prices and Food Insecurity in Nigeria
SOC 168 The Impact of Human Capital on Economic Growth of Nigeria  SOC 169 The Issue of Capacity Building and Utilization in Nigeria  SOC 170 The Development of Social Infrastrucure and Its Effects on Economic Growth and Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Electricity
SOC 171 Couple's Reproductive Decision-Making and Contraceptive Use in Lagos State SOC 172 Ethnicity Diversity in National Development of Nigeria Problems and Prospect SOC 173 Gender Socialization and Male Responsibility in Family A Comparative Analysis of Three Socio-Cultural Groups in Nigeria
SOC 174 Women’s Empowerment, Advocacy and the Budgeting Process in Nigeria SOC 175 Gender Issues and the Challenges of Development in the Twenty-First Century SOC 176 Politicization of Religion in Modern Nigeria
SOC 177 The Surge of Examination Malpractices and Nigeria Future SOC 178 The Effects of Nutrition on The Productivity of Rural Women in Nigeria SOC 179 Social Marketing of Condoms - Costing of HIVAIDS Prevention Initiatives in Nigeria
SOC 180 Socio-cultural Effect of Prostitution in Nigeria SOC 181 Abortion Among Nigerian Undergraduates: Causes and Prevalence  SOC 182 Knowledge and Prevalence of Oral Pills Among Female Undergraduates Students in Nigeria
SOC 183 Psychosocial correlates of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis use amongst Nigerian secondary school students SOC 184 Family Planning Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Males in Nigeria SOC 185 Breast-feeding pattern in an urban Nigerian Community
SOC 186 Factors Affecting Desired Fertility Amongst Working Class (A Study of Jakande Estate Working Class) SOC 187 Cultism in Nigeria’s Tertiary Institutions: A case Study of Lagos State University SOC 188 Knowledge, Beliefs and Attitude to HIV/AIDS in Southwest Nigeria
SOC 189 Coping Strategies for Survival among Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria SOC 190 Adolescent Reproductive Behaviour, Health and Ferility in Nigeria: A Case Study of Lagos State SOC 191 Impact of Economic Recession on Marital Stability in South-West Nigeria
SOC 192 Problems and Prospects of the National Youth Service Corps in Nigeria SOC 193 Drug Use and the Nigerian Youths SOC 194 The Girl Child situation in Nigeria: Determinants, patterns and perceptions
SOC 195 Paradox of Special Agency for Rural Development in Nigeria SOC 196 Prospects & Problems of Community Organization for Self-reliance in Nigeria SOC 197 Rural Development and Migration in Nigeria
SOC 198 Adjustment Policies, Gender Dynamics and Family Size Reduction in Nigeria: A Case Study of Lagos State SOC 199 Assessing the Quality of Working Life: Case of Lagos Cities SOC 200 Socio-Cultural and Economic Determinants of Value of Children in Lagos State

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